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NMTC Fall Trail Series

The NMTC Fall Trail Series is comprised of 9 challenging trail runs in Duluth and Superior. Come out and enjoy good running and camaraderie. All runs are free, but donations are accepted. There is a potluck and award ceremony after the last race.

Race Day Procedure:
1. Register/Sign in at the table
    (All registrations are done on race day)
2. Put your donation into the jar
3. Have fun completing the course/volunteering
4. Print name on finish place card, next to that week’s race
5. Turn in the card!
6. Check before leaving, did you turn in your card?

The rain date is 10/20 (Sun) for any races that need to be moved in order to protect the trail.

Dogs no longer allowed to participate during NMTC runs.

Series Website

1. 9/2/2020 Lester Park 10.5k
Duluth, MN (Northeast Region)
Pavilion near 61st Ave East, 6:00 PM
2. 9/9/2020 Zapp's Loop 5.75 miles
Duluth, MN (Northeast Region)
Fond du Lac Park
corner of Highway 23 and 131st Street, 6:00 PM
3. 9/16/2020 Hartley 5 miles
Duluth, MN (Northeast Region)
Hartley Nature Center
Main parking lot, 6:00 PM
4. 9/23/2020 Ely's Peak Run 4 miles
Duluth, MN (Northeast Region)
Magney-Snively Parking Lot, 6:00 PM
5. 9/30/2020 Rolling Stone 5.5k
Duluth, MN (Northeast Region)
Spirit Mountain Parking Lot C, 6:00 PM
6. 10/7/2020 Brown's Point 5k
Superior, WI (Northeast Region)
Billings Drive and 42nd, 6:00 PM
7. 10/11/2020 Woodland Run 4 miles
Duluth, MN (Northeast Region)
Morningside gravel pit on Jean Duluth Rd
GPS Coordinates: 4650'39.02, 2:00 PM
8. 10/25/2020 Bull Run 10.5k
Duluth, MN (Northeast Region)
Spruce Trailhead
on Hwy 23
GPS 46.645050,-92.307293, 2:00 PM
9. 11/1/2020 Hawk Ridge 6k
Duluth, MN (Northeast Region)
Skyline Boulevard
east of Hawk Ridge, 2:00 PM